food revolution

Company profile

Company Name
Kura Sushi, Inc.
Date of Establishment
May 1977( establishment of business)
November 1995 (established as a company ltd)
2 billion yen
Kunihiko Tanaka
Annual Sales
Consolidated sales; 132.5 billion yen (as of end of October 2018)
Number of Employees
Regular employee; 1,690
Part-time; 12,922
Head Office Address
1-2-1 Fukasaka, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 599-8253, Japan
Number of Restaurants
453 (as of end of October, 2018)
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Kiyo Bank Ltd. Mizuho Bank Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
Description of Business
Operation of revolving sushi restaurants of direct management
Stock Exchange Listing
Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section (Japan)
Affiliated Company
Kura Sushi USA, Inc. (DE, US)
President, Hajime Uba
Kura Sushi Asia co, Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
President, Kentaro Nishikawa


May. 1977
Opened in Sakai City as an ordinary sushi restaurant
July 1984
Opened the first revolving sushi restaurant “Revolving Sushi Kura” in Sakai City
Mar. 1990
Established Kura-Zushi
July 1995
Established the head office and the Osaka Center in Sakai, Osaka
Nov. 1995
Established Kura Corporation, Ltd.
Feb. 1997
Introduced time limit management system by QR code
Apr. 1999
Introduced an automatic plate-collecting system
Dec. 2000
Introduced “Bikkura Pon”, which we can enjoy game in a certain number of plates
Feb. 2001
Introduced “Touch de Pon” -a new taking order system
May. 2001
Listed on NASDAQ Japan (currently JASDAQ)
Nov. 2002
Introduced a touch panel order system
Dec. 2004
Certified the ISO9001
Oct. 2005
Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Apr. 2006
Established the office and the training center in Sayama, Osaka
Dec. 2006
Achieved the opening of the 100th restaurant in Kansai region
Oct. 2008
Achieved the opening of the 100th restaurant in Kanto region
Sep. 2009
First Restaurant opened in United States, "Irvine,CA"
Nov. 2012
Launched "Shoyu Ramen made of Seafood Broth", which is the first in the industry
Dec. 2013
Launched "Real Coffee", which is the first in the industry
Dec. 2014
Opened first outlet of Taiwan, "Shmgiang Namjimg"
Jul. 2015
Launched "Curry Sushi Rice ", which is the first in the industry
May. 2016
Opened first outlet of Texas, "Plano"
Jul. 2016
Launched "Sushi-Rice-Cola", which is first ever sold in the world
Oct. 2016
Started operating "Kaizuka Center", where processes natural fish
Jul. 2017
Opened first outlet of Georgia, "Doraville"
Aug. 2017
Launched "Low carb series", using pickled white radish instead of rice